S.M.A.R.T. Dogs On the Job

Diablo Lodge

Beth visits with Connie and Molly

Arbuckle gets a pet from Mary
Jacques enjoys a visit with Wilma
Dougie gets a ride
on Dorothy's walker
Dorothy enjoys greeting both Owen and Arbuckle
Mary enjoys holding Dougie


Piedmont Gardens

Dougie & Roxie at Piedmont
Roxie & Dougie enjoy a visit
with Leo
Nick enjoys a rest
in Maggie's lap
Helena gets a kick out of Dougie,
decked out in his new coat
Barbara admires Spot's new shirt
Tillie enjoys a visit with Piper



Mauzy School

Asha greets Saturday
Asha has a kiss for Erin
Jackie visits with Asha
Gregory visits with Asha
MacGyver gets a big smile from Ausitn!
Lucas hangs out with Jazz on the playground
Logan enjoys petting Topsy
Topsy visits with Helen
... and from the past ~
Roxie at 
Mac at Mauzy 
Roxie shares a hug with Kevin
Teacher Virginia shows a student how to pet Mac
Jacob checks out Molly
Piper gets a big smile from Michael
Tess at Mauzy
Frank gets a big kiss from Tess

...and Meadowlark (private pre-school on the Mauzy Campus

Christopher enjoys a visit with Asha
Julia gives Dougie a gentle pet

Montair School Special Day Class

Christian enjoys a visit with Tess
Azure is excited to visit with Dougie


Los Cerros Special Day Class

Javier gives Asha a hug
Josh gives Tess a gentle pet... ... and is clearly pleased with himself Josh enjoys having his new friend, Topsy, in his lap!


John George Psychiatric Pavilion

The OT staff enjoys a visit with the dogs

Fairmont Hospital

Mandi visits her friends


Fairmont Hospital



Contra Costa County Jewish Community Center
Alzheimer Day Respite
(co-visit with Friendship Foundation)

Juanita gives Ike a hug, bringing smiles to Lavohn & Michele. Connie and Molly visit with Nerkis
Dawne enjoys a visit with Tess


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